Barrel Chairs Discount Sale

Vinyl Accent Chair with Ottoman, Dark Brown

On hearing the term barrel chair one may get a little confused as to what exactly is being decorated: a living room or a pub. Indeed, large wood barrels – cut away, slatted and padded for seating comfort – are quite popular as pub or tavern furnishings. Then again, there is a growing interest in chairs that are made from wine barrel elements and as such are perfect for gardens and classic country style homes. While such chairs usually show no hint of resemblance to the original object in shape, the stave-based design and characteristic wood texture make them an interesting choice than can hardly go unnoticed.

Brown Leather Barrel-Shaped Guest Chair

The Perfect Reception, Side, Meeting, Or Lounge Chair. This Brown Leather Contemporary Reception chair features a full panel design, soft brown leather, and a well padded seat and back. Suitable for any office reception area or for use as a side chair by your desk, you can be assured that this chair will provide a nice contemporary look to match your decor.

However, a barrel chair, in the most general understanding of the concept, is a medium-sized, upholstered chair with a circular footprint and high, rounded back, which looks as if a large barrel was used as a frame. Barrel chairs are classics and go well with lots of room decor themes. They come in a wide variety of styles, from stark and modern to rustic and ornamental with boldly patterned upholstery. Barrel chairs are not highly space-consuming so they seem to be a good seating option if your square footage is limited.