Employment: Because our program is centered around physical activity and athletic training, we hire student athletes on collegiate and high school levels to teach and mentor our youth. 


Education: We provide tutoring two to three times a week with our collegiate student tutors. The youth can do routine homework, get tutoring on a specific subject, help with projects and assignments.


Cooking Lessons: We have a chef that does cooking lessons weekly with our youth. She teach quick, healthy meals and snacks that the youth can prepare with little money and little to no assistance. 


Art: We have an art teacher that comes in weekly to teach different techniques while mentoring and allows our youth to express themselves artistically.


Technology: We take weekly library trips to ensure that each child has a library card and also allow them to utilize the computers for research and development. If there are no school needs that requires library use, we teach them to research the careers/subjects that interest them and to learn as much as they can.


Mentors: Our mentors are selected based on their lived experiences and teach the youth conflict resolution, boundaries and respect through effective communication.


Social Worker: We have a licensed clinical social worker that we partner with to deal with traumatic experiences.