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"In 2004, my mom's life prematurely ended due to bone marrow cancer. The passing of my mother sparked something in me to understand more about the anatomy of our bodies. In 2008, I was sentenced to 7 years in prison. My time in jail was God's plan to develop my purpose. I was leaving the club and the next thing I know someone hits me. I fall to the ground and there's this guy standing over me. I turned over and pulled my gun out. Then everyone pulled out a gun and had them all pointed at me. I don't know how I didn't get shot that night. Over 100 rounds were fired. I only shot five times. That moment changed my life forever! Prison taught me how to enhance my leadership abilities, develop discipline, practice patience and skills to prevent conflict.”

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In jail, Mack recognized the root cause that led him to prison. Through self development classes, he discovered that his anger was deeply rooted in growing up without a father. Upon being released from prison, it was easy for him to reenter back into society because he was ready to walk in his purpose. He knew he needed to be the person that he needed as an adolescent. He and his wife, started doing the work in the community in 2016. They opened their first brick and mortar Motivation Team Athletic Academy (for profit) in 2019 and their organization, Cultivating Youth, received it's 501c(3) status in 2021. Because many of New Orleans youth have the same adverse childhood experience as Mack, he made it a mission to create a safe space for youth in the community. Cultivating Youth targets youth ages 8-18. The focus is to tackle childhood trauma, obesity and prevent violence through physical activity while building confidence and nurturing discipline through education and mentorship.

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